What if there is no erection?

If situations in which there is no erection are repeated several times, the man must first determine the reasons for such a violation. Without an erection, sexual relations are impossible, and thus the possibility of conceiving a child, so it is extremely important to understand the etiology of the problem in time and solve it.
The reasons for lack of erection can be the following:

Psychogenic factors
They are more common in young men. These can be stress, neurosis, anger and irritability, self-doubt, fears, bad experiences from the past, depression and bad relationships with a woman.

Physical factors
They are noticed in men aged 40-50 and older. These can be vascular pathologies, diseases of the genitourinary system of infectious and inflammatory nature, systemic and chronic diseases, nerve damage, endocrine pathology, as well as the use of powerful drugs (diuretics,
antidepressants, etc.). After determining the cause, only a medical specialist can choose the correct course of therapy in order to eliminate provocative factors and restore erectile function. You must contact a therapist, urologist or andrologist, after which a comprehensive diagnosis is made.

- Use of several groups of drugs: anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs; hormone therapy; anticoagulants; antibacterial agents;
- Natural stimulants of potency and erection (dietary supplements, vitamin complexes);
- Synthetic erectile stimulants.
- In addition to medication, the doctor may prescribe a course of physiotherapy, such as massage, acupuncture, hirudotherapy and other procedures to restore the functions of the penis.

Treatment must be comprehensive to get good results.
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