Duration of erection

Male strength and sexual activity are primarily natural indicators of health.
Moreover, each man has his own individual indicators of erection quality. Some men have long and strong erections due to endurance and body strength, while others have short erections due to weakness.
If we take into account the duration of an erection, these factors can affect it:
a man's condition at a certain time, the absence or presence of emotional and physical fatigue, overwork, exhaustion and weakness, a constant partner with whom there is a close relationship, sympathy and stable attraction, comfort and circumstances that also determine the quality and duration of an erection.
On average, the duration of an erection of a healthy young man should be 5-30 minutes, it all depends on the nationality, age, temperament of the man and the above-mentioned factors.
Immediately after an erection, ejaculation, release of sperm and reduction of sexual arousal should normally occur.
After some time, after recovery, the man may have an erection again.
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