Can an erection be controlled?

In most cases, physiological processes, including erection, cannot be influenced.
No man will be able to "order" such a condition of the penis with the click of his fingers, nor to weaken his erection when it happens.
An erection can occur due to external and internal factors, for example, the sight of an attractive girl, watching erotic movies, smells or sounds.
There are a number of means for arousal and stimulation of erection pheromones and aphrodisiacs.
In the first case, we are talking about the smells of the human body, in the second about products that can contribute to sexual arousal.
There are also a number of psychological and physiological factors that hinder the onset of an erection.
Difficulties scare some men and literally shock them, others remain calm, realizing that this is an isolated case.
Spontaneous erections that occur at night or early in the morning are also impossible to control, nor to predict.
As a rule, this is the most inexplicable, without obvious reason, reaction of the body. As the observations of specialists show, nocturnal erections in some men can last about 1-1.5 hours.
In any case, an erection is an indicator of a man's sexual health and a very important component of a quality life.
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