How to order ?

How to order ?
1. Payment to the current account of the company:
RA&CO Ilije Ognjanovica Street, No. 4/11, Novi Sad
accounts: 165-7012952079-33 Addiko bank
160-6000000845984-05 Intesa bank
2. Online on the website
Delivery expenses
For orders over 3,000 dinars, you get free delivery throughout Serbia.

For deliveries of less than 3,000 dinars, you will also pay the delivery costs.

Price per shipment - 350 - 450 dinars.

The cost of delivery abroad depends on the country to which the erestan is sent.
Time of delivery
Delivery time is 2-4 days depending on when you confirmed the order. Orders Monday - Thursday until 12 noon are usually delivered in the next 2 days, and orders confirmed on Friday
after 12 noon will be delivered no later than next Tuesday.

All answers regarding orders can be obtained by e-mail
  • Phone +381693888888
  • Viber - WhatsApp - Telegram +381659608008
  • E-mail