Questions and answers

  • Marko J:
    What is Erestan?
    Expert's answer:
    Erestan is a pure herbal supplement that has a beneficial effect on erectile function problems in men.
  • Dragan S.:
    How does Erestan work?
    Expert's answer:
    Erestan leads to the normalization of the functions of all factors responsible for a good erection. That is why Erestan has longer-lasting effects because the organism begins to "function on its own".
  • Jan N.
    Contraindications for use?
    Expert's answer:
    Hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components are the only contraindications. Erestan can also be taken by men with high blood pressure and heart disease in accordance with how much their body can withstand physical exertion.
  • Darko D.
    How is Erestan used?
    Expert's answer:
    Erestan capsule is taken at least 2 hours before sexual intercourse and its effect lasts 15-24 hours.
  • Milivoje K.
    How to buy Erestan?
    Expert's answer:
    You can buy Erestan by ordering on the website and we will send it to your registered address.
  • Vanja M.
    How long can Erestan be used?
    Expert's answer:
    As the effect of one capsule is from 15 to 24 hours, you can use it at that rhythm. Erestan's action is also aimed at regulating the functions that lead to a good erection, so it would be good to take a break after 2 months to check if the erection has improved without capsules, which is to be expected.
  • Dejan J.
    Is it possible to take Erestan with alcohol consumption?
    Expert's answer:
    Yes, it is compatible with alcohol consumption.
    Erestan acts on the body in an absolutely unique way that is the result of a patented way of getting it from plants.

    * excessive alcohol consumption causes irreparable damage to your health.
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