Types of erections

Knowing the most important information about erection, experts note that erection can have several types, both due to different etiology, and the reasons that lead to arousal of the male genitalia.
Today, there are three types of male erection - reflexive, spontaneous and psychogenic.
Reflexive type
This type of erection occurs on the basis of sexual stimulation of the genitals. First, nerve impulses are transmitted to the spinal cord, which leads to an increase in blood flow to the genitals. Accordingly, there is an automatic reaction - swelling of the penis. Reflexive erection occurs due to the work of nerve endings and centers of the peripheral type of the lower part of the spinal cord. As a result of such processes in the body, the release of nitric oxide is noticed. This means softening and relaxing of the walls of blood vessels in the bodies of the cavernous bodies of the penis, due to which the organ is more filled with blood, and the tissues stretch more easily. Reflexive erection is a normal and most common type of erection in men of all ages.
Spontaneous type - night and morning
If in the first case the control of erection belonged to a man, his brain and spinal cord, spontaneous erection occurs for no reason and has no specific etiology. At the same time, medicine considers spontaneous erection to be an absolutely normal physiological phenomenon that can occur in men of all ages. If we take into account a spontaneous nocturnal erection, it is most often promoted by dreams with an erotic connotation, especially if a man has had sexual abstinence for some time. But a spontaneous morning erection can have several reasons. First, from 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning there is an increased concentration of testosterone in the body. Secondly, due to the pressure of the overfilled bladder on the prostate, an erection can occur.
Psychogenic type
Psychogenic erection of the penis is an appropriate reaction of the body and reproductive system to mental images of the appropriate context or to external factors of irritation. The reasons for psychogenic erection lie in the following factors: auditory - special speech, breathing, certain music, etc. olfactory - body, skin and hair odor, perfume; gustatory - it can be a sensation from taking any food, as well as a reaction to the appearance of genital secretions; mental - human fantasies, impressions of memories, dreams and images; visually - watching pictures, videos of a certain nature, seeing an attractive girl, etc. Most often, psychogenic erection occurs under the influence of several groups of stimuli at once.
If a man does not have an erection due to any of the above-mentioned influencing factors, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

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